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Event: At The Launch of India’s First Collaborative Platform For Women, All About Eve


Great entrepreneurs take their work and milestones slowly to their stride. Having worked with so many women entrepreneurs, I have now learnt to appreciate ideas over a successful business model. Honestly if you ask me, I connect with people who are passion driven more than anything else in the world. I realized what creativity could be declared as when I met the spirited CEO & Founder of All About Eve, Bani.G.Anand.

All About Eve is a collaborative branding platform that aims to connect brands to its consumers through content rich media. Bani clearly state that the idea is to help the consumers make informed decisions for diverse product categories catering to women. Being a second-generation business woman, she exuberates a lot of charm and intelligence in this field. Having spoken to her, I was thoroughly impressed with her 6-month business plans (even though its been a week since they launched themselves). All About Eve will enhance a woman’s life by chronicling her ideas, likes and interests all in one platform. 

This premium collaborative vendor repository platform featurs top experts in the fields of fashion, food, health, wellness and lifestyle categories. Having on board some of the well known names in fashion, jewellery, interiors, food & beverage, healthcare and wellness industry such as Suneet Varma, Ridhima Bhasin, Malasa, Pooja Rajpal Jaggi, ELVY Lifestyle, The Carpet Cellar, Sajavat and Beyond. It brings together businesses, artists and mavericks in a unique way to tell their story like it’s never been told before.

The team is working to build creative pegs to tell stories of different brands through their platforms. In another words, it caters to every aspect of their reader’s needs and desire by selling a lifestyle. There are a lot of tasteful content, tips on how to pack for a destination wedding, what not to eat for weight loss, quick makeup and style tutorials and more. 

Do find them on Instagram here for your lifestyle needs! 

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