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Hair Masterclass With Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron!


I love anything that has got to do with hair care, hair styling in my life! I couldn’t be happier when Wella Professionals invited me to meet their global brand ambassador Patrick Cameron for a personal hair styling master class. Meeting Patrick made me realize that we certainly don’t use hair styling products to their full potential at our homes and always fall back on salon stylists for best results. Patrick along with Wella exposed the Blogger Bridge to various possibilities of hair styling.

Here's a photo from Patrick's hair show for wella...

What I absolutely loved about the hair master class was how Patrick treated hair styling as an art to express one’s individuality and to maintain an overall balance in their look. There was a lot to learn from him and he showcased his Modern Vintage collection with state of the art styling products from the Wella Professionals portfolio. The modern vintage range in particular epitomizes the 1960’s era, which was all about getting the balance right and the proportions of the way hair is dressed.

Here are 5 hair styling tips that Patrick shared which I’d like you all to know as well

#1  “Every women should use the hairspray.” Patrick mentioned that to get a look that stays and has finesse, it is important to use a hairspray. Don’t just save your bottles for the next wedding function.

#2 “To get rid of hairspray, start combing from the roots and then move slowly to your scalp.” He did mention that one mistake all girls make after the application of a hair spray is that they comb their hair from the top and then move on to their roots. To avoid hair breakage, just reverse the trick and feel the difference.

#3 “For fine hair, use hair padding for hair styles.” Patrick says to add more definition to your fine/thin hair, you can external padding or crown clips.

#4 “In a temperature like Delhi, one should not oil their hair more than 1 times a week.” While Patrick adored the long tresses of Indian woman, he also mentioned that the maintenance is equally important. He also introduced Wella Elixir Oil that is amazingly versatile and can be used on wet and dry hair, as a treatment, as a styling product and as part of your everyday hair routine.

#5 “Blue pink, green orange colours are on trend - one streak is not too much commitment but still looks great.” Patrick urges women to draw inspiration from magzines and red carpets for hair colouring trends.

He also hosted step-by- step demonstrations to style long hair and created messy updo and flatteing topknot. The hair shows were held across three major cities in India - Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Having been associated with Wella for over 25 years, Patrick has travelled across to host hair shows and was recently associated with the renowned Cannes Festival where he worked on a special premier from the movie Trolls starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.

I had a fun session meeting up with this charing yet super witty hair guru who by the way also emphasized on the need of hair treatments and rituals once a month owing to the pollution and hair abuses we do on a daily basis.

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