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My Dulhan Diary #3- Finding My Wedding Shoes + Tips


After I shortlisted my lehenga, details of which I had shared with you in this post, finding the right shoes was the next agenda in the family! If you noticed, I typed ‘was’ and that’s because I have finally found my perfect pair of shoes J. Finding the right wedding shoes isn’t easy either as there are such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colours that can work with our lehenga. One thing I have learnt in this shoe hunting process is that no matter what shoe you like or you see, brides (even myself) often tend to overlook the cost of the shoe simply because it’s going to be our ‘wedding shoe.’

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So getting my shoes came slightly easy to me as I considered the fabric, the colour and the comfort level for myself. You will see me don high heels and stilettoes for my shoots and while I attend events, for my wedding I decided to break the heel code and opt for versatile flats that would keep me comfortable throughout. The background for this is that my wedding pheras happen early in the evening and that’s why the celebration is going to be an extended affair. So instead of wearing out and not being able to walk, I considered comfort as the most important factor for myself!

For wedding shoes, silk and satin are traditionally the two most popular choices, but naturally personal taste will help you choose the best shoe for yourself. Because my lehenga has silk fabric in it hence the shoe emulates the same fabric as well.

Also with my experience of shoe shopping, I noticed a lot of girls settle in for buying cheap shoes that lack padding and the extra support that makes wearing them not just intolerable, but low on comfort level too. Girls, dedicate a budget but don’t compromise on your comfort. While you’ll have a heavy dress on and will be dressed in jewels, just know that shoes provide the basic level support at all times.

Lastly, before you make the final decision just ask your own self that would you like to wear your shoes again? I know you’d go like- who wouldn’t re-use shoes but when my sister bought heels at the time of her wedding (that cost 8k, 4.5 years back btw), she just went for the look of it and how pretty they looked. Now because they were so expensive she had to use it thereafter and I (hope she is not reading this) but she cries every time she wears it for more than an hour for the discomfort it gives to her feet.

Check online websites for designs, browse through juttis from brands like NeedleDust, Jutti Choo etc. for traditional looking flats and I have seen people visit Venus Step store in Delhi for wedding shoes. I’d like to know some of your favorites and the brands that you recommend for wedding shoe shopping in Delhi?


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  1. WOnderful shoes and hena tattoo!

  2. I just looked up Needle dust and I am ordering from them right lovely. Thanks !!