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My Dulhan Diary #4- Starting My Pre-Bridal Sessions 6 Months In Advance


I am really, really wanting to have a glowing skin not just for my big day but also otherwise. While fashion blogging looks a lot glam, there is so much that goes behind it and the reason why I am writing about it, is to let you know that I am tanned, a bit tired, my skin isn’t at its best maybe because of all the work and shoots that have been happening all this while. I am trying not to complaint but I have actually decided to begin with my bridal pampering sessions starting this month. I know my marriage is in November but what I am actually going to be starting with may just help a lot of brides out there (who are living a busy, at times stressful life or traveling often).
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Being a beauty blogger, I have tried so many salons in Delhi that I have actually lost my count. I however, get interested in places where the staff treats me with endless smiles and don’t unnecessarily suggest 100 odd treatments that my body needs (that’s a complete no-no for me). I know the specialists always try to give you the best advice possible but just because they are working for one brand, they totally would discard another brand that they aren’t endorsing and make you feel like you have been doing your salons wrong all your life. Happens to you as well, right? Anyway, coming back to the point- I have shortlisted a salon to help me not just look pretty but assist me in overall wellness. If you guys remember, mom and I went to the F Salon, India at Rajouri Garden for our hair and skin treatments on mother’s day and since then, this place stayed within us for it’s impeccable services and it’s PEOPLE. The boss lady, Tamanna Singh and I connected perfectly owing to our fauji roots but the highlight was her interest and passion in the field of beauty that gave me the confidence of working with her for my big day. 

I’ll be reviewing and writing about all there services with utmost honesty on my blog in form of series of blog posts that I am also guessing will be a lot helpful to so many of you out there. So anyway, here’s the kind of beauty regime I have planned for 6 months (this doesn’t include home remedies though). Tammana is working on a detailed schedule for me and I'll share it with you guys once I receive it. 

June & July

Aug & Sep

Oct & Nov

I am superbly excited to undergo various treatments and to talk about the same on my blog. I researched so much to finally create these tables for myself. As for the detailed name of a service, you'll have to read my posts as we are still finalizing on the same. The first treatment that I have gone live with is Keratin hair treatment (blogpost coming soon). Below is the photo of the same that I shared on my Snapchat.

No matter how much we try to do DIY remedies at home, the truth is that it requires a lot of discipline to incorporate it in your life. Do a mix of both- home & salon services (exactly what I am starting to do). Girls, since we spend a lot of money on food, drinks, clothes and so much more, I really suggest that you dedicate some budget from your savings and use it for your beauty regime especially if you are a bride-to-be. Take a break from your long working hours and give importance to looking beautiful from within and not beautiful :)


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