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The Only Date Night Accessories I Recommend!


Not sure what dress to wear on that first date, especially when he wants to take you on a "surprise" night out? Well, I teamed up with Casio India to create an outfit that will make you look uber stylish and yes you'll feel super confident all night long. According to me spending all time and money in finding the right dress is not enough. Girls, it is time to invest in timepieces that will get you noticed and will ensure that compliments fall in your abode naturally. 

When it comes to date-night style, I want to skip the usual dress style because it creates nothing special for me. I always want to settle for something edgier but that again should come with comfort. This tropical printed, off the shoulder top does add some sultriness, while the structured trousers keep it ingenuous. The look has two heroes- dark lips and my enduring Casio Sheen watch

The frill on the top adds a seductive silhouette to the ensemble and the clutch purse gives it the right kind of girly details. This Sapphire glass women’s watch in black is like a perfect arm accessory that embodies royalty and power. It comes with an inspired face design that has brilliant luster. With a genuine leather band, the met case radiates an abundant charm. This watch evokes a playful feminine spirit and classy functional splendor. The sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS makes it a graceful choice for a romantic evening. 

When I wear a beautiful watch with dark lips, I know that beautiful things are bound to happen. Pick yourself the style of accessories that don’t just have a functional use but look good with your outfit. This is just the perfect accessory to grab & go on your perfect evening. 

It's impossible for a chic ensemble like this to fail you & the watch just makes for a strong style statement. Get this superlative timepiece here. 

Location courtesy Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon. Photo story by Megha Jain. 

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