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My Flamenco Dancer Inspired Brunch Look!


SO I shot this look just few days before my wedding and I love how the colours of my outfit have come out in this one. I went to the United Colors of Benetton store only to channel the a Spanish Flamenco dancer's image that I had in my mind for the longest. These traditional Flamenco dancers wear a mysterious black in their outfit and have frills in reds and pinks and oranges. But what really adds to their beauty is the use of flower in their hair (that by the way is usually ties too). Having said that, I recently showcased a colourful winter brunch outfit on My Insta Stories and you too should add me (incase you haven't yet). I love this outfit for it's fun, sunny and a riot of colours. Take a look...

Dress, Bag, Cape : United Colors of Benetton
Shoes: Aldo

What's your fav winter colour? Mine is Rani Pink, it just makes everything look so pretty :)

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