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VIDEO: Ranveer Singh Acting How Fawad Khan Fans React When They See Him Is LOL As Fck!


Instagram @fiftyshadesoffawad

Women are crazy about Fawad Khan and so am I but who knew that Ranveer Singh would actually know about it as well! Perhaps it could also be the fact that Fawad went down on his knees for Ranveer's lady love who reciprocated back at him by kneeling down herself for none other than Fawad.

See this video first (we bet you'll go like AWWWWWWWWWWW)

And Fawad doing this to Deepika (someone kill me already)

You call it jealousy or sheer Ranveer Singh vibe, we love how Ranveer enacted the whole Fawad Khan Fandom at IIFA awards green carpet.

Take a look at this hilarious video that wil make you love ranveer all the more and drool on Fawad for obvious reasons...

Now all I ask for is a film with Deepika, Ranveer & Fawad starring in it. Please and Thank you :)

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