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Why You Shouldn't Be Rubbing Lemon On Your Armpits


This beauty vlogger is quite popular for her out of the box ideas and DIY natural beauty hacks, but this time she's got a treatment for your armpits.

As a substitute for deodorant, Farah Dhukai, recommends using lime juice to deactivate your pit funk. She just slices up a lime and rubs it on, like this:

NATURAL #DIY DEODORANT 🌸 its so hard to find a deodorant that keeps me dry and odor free all day without reapplying ☔️(leeetssss be honest - I love curry and you are what you eat? more like you smell like what you eat lol 🍍🍍#iaintsorry ) THIS DIY DEODORANT not only kept me EXTREMELY DRY 🌬in this ☀️hot and humid Miami weather, it kept me smelling FRESH all day! #fresherthanyou #allday All you need: LIME🍋 🔪cut the lime into small little pieces and store in the fridge - OR you can juice the lime and use it with a cotton round🍹 🙋🏾Apply the lime juice DIRECTLY to your underarm AFTER showering🚿. DO NOT do this right after shaving cuzzzzzz it stiiinnggzzzzz🗡 Let it dry COMPLETELY and then go on with your day. 🙅🏽Avoid sun exposure or tanning when you do this regimen. Your underarm will be #sofreshandsoclean all day long!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 #diyremedies #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #vegas_nay #makegirlz
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But sadly, this DIY could have a downside. According to Dermatologists lime juice could have a bad reaction on such a sensitive area. Lime juice is an irritant and can be a bad idea for the underarms! Lime irritates both because it's an acid and because the molecule is inherently irritating.

So maybe regular deo is your best bet, but ONLY on your armpits. 

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