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3 Home Remedies For Brides To Get Smooth And Silky Hair


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When it’s about wedding, we have to be extra careful from outfits to style to skin- everything needs to be pitch-perfect. And when it’s about your own wedding you need to have all the planning done before. Though in midst of all the running we often ignore our hairs or go for instant chemical therapies to get natural smooth and silky hair. Why? Because we all love smooth and silky hairs and who wants frizz on the D-day. But all these chemicals are really harsh on your hair.
So, Wedstreetstyle team advises all the soon-to-be-brides to go for natural nourishment with these home remedies to get smooth and silky hair to flaunt on their big day.

Beer Treatment
Yup! You heard it right nourish your hair with beer. The two ingredients in the beer hops and malt are proteins that are really beneficial for hair growth and keeping them smooth, silky and shiny. Take a flat 400 ml of beer in a bowl; apply it after washing your hair with shampoo. Make sure to coat all your hair strands from root to tip. Massage it in a circular motion and rinse it off after 2 minutes. Use a conditioner, to get rid of any trace of beer scent. You will notice bouncy and shiny effect in your hair.

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Coconut oil treatment

This one is best and evergreen tried and tested method to get perfect silky, smooth and thick hair. Using coconut oil treatment your hair gets protected and nourished by all the proteins that gets degraded with sun, rain and all the pollution. You can get a coconut oil spray, and spray it evenly on the hair to get the glossy and shiny look (not the greasy one). This method doesn’t need you to wash off your hair. Also, it will protect you from all the pollution that wards off all the necessary proteins.
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Milk treatment
Another magical way to nourish your hair naturally is using milk. Yes, milk has all the health benefits your hair needs. It’s an excellent source of protein and rich in vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. Fill a hair spray bottle with raw milk. Thoroughly saturate your hair and scalp with water. Spray the milk on to your hair from root to tips and comb it, so that it gets all over your hair.  This is one method that can make your hair frizz free, shiny and naturally straight (what else you want).

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Let us know more home remedies to share with our soon-to-be-brides, in the comments below. 

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