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I Ditched A Usual Pre-Wedding Shoot For A Tryst With My Bridesmaids!


This year is really special for I am going to be twirling in a gorgeous lehenga at my dream wedding, something that I longed for years! I still remember those emotions that I underwent when I broke the news to my girl friends after my fiancé proposed to me. There were numerous butterflies, endless sighs and the overwhelming feelings that are still etched afresh in my mind! Because my girls have really been my world, I decided to ditch the usual pre-wedding shoot with my fiancé (not that we won’t do anything at all) but instead do something special, something magical for the squad. I wanted to honor each of my friend who had been with me in different walks of my life and that’s why I ended up hosting them all in a stunning bridesmaid shoot, making sure that each one looks like a dream in a designer outfit, gets a VIP beauty treatment and looks perfect to the T. 

The time before the bridesmaid shoot was really important as I had to get everyone together (in some cases from different cities) for our memorable shoot. I started with searching for an unflawed location and there couldn’t have been anything better than a wedding theme story set in the charm of Lutyen’s Delhi – The Taj Mahal Hotel, on Number One Mansingh Road. I wanted to opt for designs that were resonant of intricacy with hints of grandeur Mughal architecture and yet be whimsical in their vibes. Boasting of sheer elegance, the Longchamp- a premium rooftop venue was ideal for our intimate shoot. It has remarkable views of Delhi’s key heritage sites, and French window panels that complimented the shoot aesthetics. The team at the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi left no stone unturned and got Riveting Events on board for a tasteful décor like no other. 

I decided to co-create cute bridal favours with Zariin Jewelry for my bridesmaids and hand it over to them as an invitation for our shoot. We put together their extraordinary Pearl Kissed Redux goodies and charms along with a cute note, thanking them for helping me tie the knot. 

The shoot day will always be a distinctive memory because it started with my girl gang getting all dolled up at the F Salon, Rajouri Garden. With the best of MUAs & hairdressers, everyone got really excited and shot crazy BTS photos as well. I love the hairdo the team at F Salon gave me and needless to say that the makeup was on point, for everyone! So recommend all brides and bridesmaids to check this place out this wedding season.

A handcrafted product, lovingly produced by a visionary has excellence, individuality and soul- all essential to a feeling of intimate luxury. Designer Ritu Kumar’s outfits are exactly what bridal dreams are made of. Here’s what the shoot looked like…

To pick our dresses for the bridesmaid shoot, we went to the Ritu Kumar store at South Ex. The collection their boasts of hand embroidery, hint of sparkle & sheer elegance. I picked up this gorgeous green lehenga from their bridal collection and think it’s a perfect garment for mehendi or another intimate day function. We maintained a pastel theme for all the girls and picked out a variety of flowy anarkalis, net sarees, lehengas and gowns. 

Designer Ritu Kumar’s eye for details and incomparable designs in women clothing has emerged as a fashion industry force to be reckoned with. A must visit destination for every bride-to-be if I may say. Twirling in a Ritu Kumar outfit was n of my most favourite moment from the shoot. 

Our Jewelry partners at Zariin Jewelry offered us some of the best pieces from their all-new Pearl Kissed Redux collection. Since we weren’t doing a very traditional setup, these jewel pieces just synchronized flawlessly with our dresses. The intricate earrings featuring semi precious stones added a touch of richness and modernity all at the same time. The statement rings upped the wow factor like no other. My bridal jewelry collection too was from Zariin consisting of a gorgeous mangtika, a breathtaking semi precious stone necklace, gorgeous hand jewelry and majestic unique rings. Unconventional in look with timeless appeal- Zariin jewels is surely a jewelry label for fashion-forward women.

Dressing up can never be complete without having the right kind of accessories. With superior quality and impeccable craftsmanship Ru.saru provided us with great styles of clutch purses to go with our outfits. Personally, I have never seen more modernized clutches with such convoluted handwork on it that screams attention! Be it the sleeker designs or the details such as the crystal studded flower lock or bird shaped lock, there is so much to love in the Ru.saru collection! 

With sunlight on both sides thus bathing the room in natural light during daytime, our shoot location at Longchamp, Taj Mahal Hotel- New Delhi served as a perfect backdrop to our story. Incase I missed mentioning; this intimate venue also offers an incomparable starlit experience during the nighttime. With an orchestra of beautiful venues, mood lighting and legendary hospitality; The Taj Mahal Hotel promises unflawed contemporary weddings settings and that's exactly when I shortlisted this stunning venue for our shoot. 

From planning to execution, the bridesmaid shoot has been such a lovely experience to reckon all my life. I can’t thank enough all my band partners- The Taj Mahal Hotel, Designer Ritu Kumar, Zariin Jewelry, Ru.Saru, F Salon India for helping me raise a toast to timeless beginnings and rediscover the joys of friendship like never before! 
A beautiful photo story by Sunflare Art House by Megha Jain.

p.s. because all my readers have been a part of my journey from the start, hence I am happy to announce a Giveaway with Zariin Jewels. You too can win a chance to be my Virtual Bridesmaid & take home a b’ful bridal favour. Stay tuned on my Instagram for all details...XOXO

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  1. beautiful :) each one looks ethereal and divine... these photos and this experience is timeless.

  2. Lovely Lovely Lovely.Just couldn't stop smiling while scrolling down the page. Everything looks very neat, subtle and elegant.

    Wishing you all the very best for your future. :)

    Stay Happy and Stay Beautiful
    Love!! :)

  3. You look stunning.. I am short of words. Lots of love and best wishes to you for your new phase of life. 😊

  4. Loved this pre-wedding photoshoot. It's interesting to see the way you conceptualize each shoot. We have handmade apparel & jewelry for you to check here at:

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  7. Lovely photoshoot. Liked it.

  8. Awesome pre-wedding shoot and all girls dress were looking so good and beautiful. :) :*

  9. You had the most beautiful pre-wedding shoot ever! Cant wait for your wedding pictures. :)

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  10. amazing..happy brides are the prettiest :)

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