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5 Cute Ideas For Your Bachelorette Party To Remember!


Goodbye to Miss, Hello Mrs.!!

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So all your wedding preparations, running around from one store to another and getting all hyped over the arrangements are done. And now it’s time to relax and spent your last few happy days of being a bachelorette with all your family and darling girl squad. Want to make it a day that no one forgets. Then make room for some cute fun to make everyone laugh out loud and some to blush. Here you go J

Note it down
This adorably cute game will leave everyone in tears of happiness, seeing so much of love. Just give all the girls pen and a post it note and tell them  to write a memory of the bride that they will cherish forever, no matter how silly and stupid it is. As the brides starts reading the note she will have to guess who had written the note, and then she will narrate the story. This will be a great keepsake for her life to remember.

Ban the words
Confused? Well don’t be, this is a fun game. Just make a list of words you want to ban for the entire evening. Also make sure you chose those words that are hard to avoid. The bride-to-be gets to decide how the penalty. It can be anything from a dare to a pole dance? :-P

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Balloon time
We all love balloons and popping them more, the balloon time is a fun game. All you need to do is write 20 questions on paper and put it inside the balloons. Ask bride to pop the balloon and answer the question or either takes the shot. Just remember it to keep it fun and not get too overboard with it.

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Sing it loud
How about singing out loud? Whether you love it or not, you just can’t miss a karaoke for your party.  Sing those childhood songs you used to love with your girls. Just remember the tone and go on take the mike and hit the floor.

Selfies to tell stories
Every party is incomplete without clicking some crazy selfies. And this is the best time to click funny selfies that you can frame it for years to come. Take out the colourful dresses, oversized glasses and pose for the camera. 

Do you have any crazy cute idea that can surprise everyone for your BFF's bachelorette, tell us below in  the comments. 

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