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Beauty Alert: Monsoon Brides Follow These Six Beauty Tips For A Gorgeous Look



Brides are the cynosure of all eyes, from what they wear to how they look, brides are on the radar of everyone. It is a bliss to have your wedding in monsoon, the pleasant weather and drizzling rains make the air even more romantic. You are a lucky girl if you are the monsoon bride, however when it comes to your skin and hair care, the weather can be spoilers due to humidity, moisture. But this doesn't mean you can't look like the most ravishing bride on earth, after all, it is the BIG day of your life. For all the pretty soon to be brides, even we want you to look alluring on your wedding and that is why we would like to share the six beauty tips that you can follow during the rainy weather and make yourself look like a diva bride.

1. Choose waterproof makeup:
The humidity and rains can be a big time spoilsport, so it is best to invest your money on waterproof makeup. Not only mascara but even the other makeup products such as liners, foundation, blush, concealer and others should be waterproof.

2. Reduce the use of shimmers:
We know this is surprising, especially on your wedding how could we ask you to stay away from shimmer and glitter, but dearie, you are the monsoon bride, the weather will already give you a natural shine, and these glitters would add extra shine and make your face oily. Also, we would suggest you stick to matte products which would bring out the elegance in you.

3. Primer is a must have:

While applying makeup primer is an essential product, it would give a smooth look, let your makeup stay for long hours and even seal the pores which can cause excessive sweat. Invest in a branded primer which would be light and give a velvety finish.
4. Avoid heavy makeup:
We aren't asking you to look plain and simple during your wedding, but we suggest you to avoid foundations, concealers during this season as the humidity will make your makeup sticky and even melt it down. So save yourself from this faux pas and choose lighter products such as gel-based or powder based foundation, mousse, souffle, BB cream. If you want a liquid foundation then choose a silicone based foundation.
5. Say yes to matte lipsticks:

Ultra matte lipsticks, lip liquids are trendy and it is perfect wear for the monsoon brides. Unlike the glossy lipsticks, these lipsticks will last for longer hours and won't smudge or fade away. Pick the in trend shades such as coral, berry, marsala, red.

6. The makeup setting spray is your BFF:
The after rain, humidity can budge your makeup look that is why we ask you to complete your bridal makeup look with the makeup setting spray. Pick a makeup setting spray that would keep your makeup in place during the wedding rituals.

Brides to be, besides from these beauty tips, it is essential that you have your beauty sleep, stay hydrated and keep your nerves calm.

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