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9 Super Easy Beauty Tips For All Brides-To-Be To Bookmark!


Dear brides to be, we know you have gone into an ultra care zone for your skin and body, but do keep your stress levels down which will enhance your beauty immediately. Today we want to share with our gorgeous readers on how to take complete care of their body before their D-day, these 8 beauty tips would pass off your mind, but they are crucial and highly important to get the special look for the special day. So brides to be, bookmark this post or take out your pre-wedding diary and start writing these tips and look ultra gorgeous on your wedding day. 

1. Moisturize your face:
No matter what is your skin type, it is important that you moisturise your skin every morning and night. It will replenish your skin and reduce the patches, blemishes on your skin. Make sure you use a moisturizer that suits your skin type. If you want to go the natural way then you can use aloe vera gel that will hydrate your skin and fade the scars, marks, spots on your face. 

2. Over pamper your eyes:
You definitely don't want wedding photos with raccoon eyes, so we suggest you to slather dollops of eye cream that will reduce the dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Indulge in a good cream that is crammed with Vitamin E, antioxidants and other healthy nutrients for your delicate eyes. You can even DIY coffee eye cream and debuff your eyes.

3. Indulge in regular spa:
You should sign yourself for head to toe spa. We aren't joking, you definitely need a spa for your tresses, face, hands, feets and body. Make sure you pamper yourself regularly as spas would relax your mind too. 

4. Regular salon appointments:
Along with your spas, do involve in regular facials, manicures, and pedicures. Fade all your flaws and look beautiful for your special day. 

5. Start eating supplements:
Brides to be if acne hasn't stopped popping up it is time to try the supplements. Try zinc supplements that keep your skin hydrated and acne free. Also include Vitamin C, omega-3 supplements that will bring a healthy glow to your skin. Make sure you consult your doctor before consuming any supplements.

6. Soften your elbows and knees:
Often we overlook our elbows and knees, but if you want a picture perfect look for the wedding, honeymoon then lightens and soften them with sea salt scrubs. It will slough the dead skin cells and even lighten the dark spots. Before you leave your home make sure you coat yourself with sunscreen.

7. Whiten your teeth:
For those plenty selfies, and shutterbugs we definitely want you to have pearly white teeth so get a dental appointment and whiten your teeth. It would be expensive, but it is worth the money. However, you can try oil pulling, rub banana peels on your teeth and get pearly white teeth.

8. Take care of your lips:
Chapped lips, dark lips are the last thing that you need, that is why you need to plump your lips with an SPF lip balm that will protect your lips from harsh UV rays. Also exfoliate your lips with a honey, coffee scrub twice a week and make them baby soft. 

9. Detox your skin and body:
You would be smart enough not to eat super oily, junk foods so we would like to share with you a smart tip- detox your body. Add a slice of lemon, watermelon to your water jar and drink it whenever you are thirsty. It will flush the toxins and prevent bloating puffiness and even bring a glow to your skin. 

We hope these beauty tips help you in your pre-bridal beauty care. Do drink loads of water, exercise regularly, sleep 8 hours and be happy. We bet you will look celestial on your wedding day. 

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