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6 Easy, Homemade Recipes To Get Baby Soft Skin


Tired of your dry, rough and dull looking skin? No more, this post has magical recipes that will turn your skin as soft as a baby’s. We know the pollution, sun exposure often makes your skin look unhealthy and dull, also instead of shelling several bucks on expensive creams, why not try a natural way? These recipes are foolproof and give best results, you can try any one of the homemade recipes and get the skin of your dreams. So let's get into the top ways to make your skin baby soft. 

1. Aloe vera gel:
The high moisturizing properties of aloe vera gel will lock the moisture in your body and prevent dryness. No matter what your skin type is, aloe vera gel will work amazingly on your skin and turn it baby soft. Apply the gel immediately after your shower, before your bedtime and wake up to super soft skin. 

2. Carrot juice and yogurt:
Carrot juice is the best way to get baby soft skin. It is rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin C that will boost your skin texture and the lactic acid in yogurt will reduce the roughness of your skin. You can apply this mixture on your face, hands and feet and get soft skin instantly. 

3. Coffee grounds:
You ought to try this on your skin and we bet your skin will shine and turn super soft. Coffee grounds will stimulate blood circulation and slough the dead skin cells and give you the softest skin ever. Before your shower, massage your body and face with the mixture of coffee grounds and coconut oil. Do this thrice a week and welcome baby soft skin.

4. Vitamin E oil and coconut oil:
For a super soft skin, you require a good amount of fatty acids and coconut oil is the best option. You can enrich your recipe with Vitamin E capsules that will boost your skin and make it baby soft. Weekly twice, before your shower, massage your body with this mixture and let it rest for 20 minutes and then rinse with body wash. 

5. Sugar and lemon scrub:
Exfoliation can remove the dead skin cells and replenish the skin cells, so the easiest scrub that you can use on your face and body is sugar and lemon. Squeeze half a lemon and mix brown sugar to it and massage gently on your face, and body. As lemon is acidic in nature you can even dilute it with water. Wash after 10 minutes and get smooth skin. 

6. Cucumber and honey:
Cucumber has a good amount of moisturizing levels that will hydrate your skin and prevent dryness whereas honey enhances your skin by locking the moisture content. Mix grated cucumber and honey and smear it on your face and body. Wash after 20 minutes and make sure you apply the weekly twice. 

Apart from these homemade recipes, avoid taking hot showers, eat omega 3 rich foods, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Let us know which of these recipes gave the best results. 

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