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6 super cute ways to make your mom feel special before your big day!


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The wedding date is near, and still there is a lot of last minute preparation to be done. After all, it’s the most important day of your entire life, everything needs to be perfect or somewhere between perfect. However, in midst of all the preparation and dreaming about the new world, we forget about this one person – mom. She is the one person who was there when you first went to school crying, when you first won the big trophy, when you got your first job and she was there when you had your first emotional breakdown.

Though, she is so engrossed in making it a perfect day for you that you don’t even get the second thought that it’s her day too. She is getting her little doll ready for a new life and it’s not another school, it’s a life of her own. She is as nervous as you are for your big day and she is as scared as you are about these changes. It’s time to make her feel special since it’s her day too, spent some time and tell her how important she is for you with these super cute ways.  

Let’s have some fun!
Your mom is so busy in all those shaddi preparation that she doesn’t have time to enjoy. So make sure she doesn’t miss all the fun. Take a night out together, get her inputs on your wedding invites, and listen to her ideas. Also, you can even invite her to your bachelorette party (Why? Because she had taken you to every damn place where she went) and let her relax a little.

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Time for some holidays
This one is a must-must holiday vacation you need to take time out for before you go all setting up a new life for yourself. A mother and daughter vacation, take that little kid out in you and your mom, go to a new place you had visited earlier or a new place and click lot of memories to safeguard in your album forever.

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Borrow something
Go to your mom, open her closet and borrow anything you think you can innovate and wear at your wedding functions. How about her saree you always loved, revamp it and you can easily wear it in your pre-wedding function. She will be more than happy to see her little princess all grown up.

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Hear her out
Moms are the best friend you can have at three in the night (when your other friends sleep). They always give the best advice. So clear your little doubts, ask her how she managed a new family, how difficult it was for her to raise three kids? Listen to her stories, her insecurities, how she fell in love with your dad. By the end of the night you will have lot of experiences and lessons that you can apply in your happy married life.

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A letter from the heart
When was the last time you told your mom how much you love her, maybe on her birthday or maybe when you were in class 12th. Well, now is the time to tell how important she is and no matter who enters your life she will hold a place that no one else can (not even the mom-in-law). Write a letter directly from your heart no matter how silly or stupid it is. She will treasure it for her entire life.
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A must have picture
Take a special photo with your mom, that you can frame it forever in your memories. You can even include your grand mom or mom-in-law in the picture. Telling a story of three generation, it will be a great picture moment.

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