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DIY Sugar Wax: Does It Really Work?


Hair removal is a weekly, monthly or we can say forever concern of every girl. There are plenty ways you can remove your hair and as the world is crazy about DIYs, we thought to find out the best hair removal for our readers. And we found out an ancient, Persian technique that has created a buzz across the YouTube beauty vloggers, beauty experts- the sugar waxing. Sugar wax is one of the safest and painless technique compared to the shaving, waxing or even the lotions. Sugaring or sugar wax has gained popularity as it has ingredients are natural, easily available and healthy for the skin. The only catch is the preparation of the sugar wax if the wax isn't of right consistency then it wouldn't work effectively. But not to worry, read further, we have decoded the right way of preparing the wax.

DIY Sugar Wax:

What you need:
2 cups of granulated sugar
¼ cup of lemon/lime juice
¼ cup of water
A dash of salt
Add all the ingredients in a thick saucepan, so that the heat doesn't burn the sugar. Heat the ingredients in a medium flame and keep stirring so that the sugar doesn't stick to the pan. As you boil the liquid, it will start bubbling up and you will notice a color change. Stir the liquid till you get a deep amber or reddish brown shade and this will take about 13-14 minutes. Put this mixture in a jar and use it only when it cools down, which would take another 2-3 hour.
Once it cools you are good to apply it on your body. Spread a thick paste of sugar wax against your direction of hair growth and rub it slowly on your body and then quickly flip it out in the other direction. To remove the wax you can even use cloth strips to remove the wax. The best we would suggest is to wear gloves so that you can avoid being messy.

Quick tips:
1. Always exfoliate your body before applying the wax.
2.  If the paste becomes too hard, add a little bit of water and heat it for 10-15 seconds and you will get a proper consistency.
3. If you aren't waiting for two hours and ready to use it instantly then make sure the paste isn't too sticky or liquidy. If it is too sticky, then it could be that you haven't cooked it well or it has too much of moisture, so heat it in the microwave for about 10 seconds and try getting a thick consistency like honey.

Benefits of sugar wax:
1. It is a natural and effective way of removing wax.
2. Works well on all skin and is safe for sensitive skin people.
3. It removes the hair from the roots and doesn't damage the skin.
4. It even acts as an Exfoliator and makes the skin smooth and soft.

Have you tried sugar wax?  If you haven't then we hope this post helps you in making the right sugar wax. If you have, then share your views with us in the comments below.

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