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7 Drinks That Will Help You Alkalize Your Body For Weight Loss!


Do you wake up to muscle soreness, inflammation, fatigue? Then there are chances your body is in acidic level. An acidic body can invite life-threatening diseases such as arthritis, cancer, kidney damage, diabetes and much more. Your body can be acidic due to dehydration, consumption of refined foods, high sugar content, meat, fizzy drinks, caffeine, and others. But you can bring an end to this by alkalizing your body. Alkaline body reflects a healthy immune system, energetic body and you can alkalize your body by sipping on these drinks. We bring you easy drinks that will balance the pH levels in your body and prevent your body from diseases. 

1. Juicy watermelon:
Balance the pH levels of your body with watermelon juice. Watermelon has a high amount of water content, dietary fibre that will alkalize your body and keep diseases at bay. Add chia seeds with your watermelon juice and drink it daily. 

2. Lemon juice:
If you feel super tired in the morning, then energize yourself with lemon water. It is crammed with nutrients, vitamins that will replenish your body and reduce the acidic levels. Drink daily on an empty stomach and stay healthy. 

3. Lip smacking grapefruit juice:
Grapefruit has good alkalizing properties that will prevent your body from turning acidic. You can infuse grapes in your water and sip it throughout the day and balance the pH levels of your body. 

4. Tummy soothing drink:
High acid levels can trouble your tummy too, so you can soothe your tummy with ginger, lemon, and apple cider vinegar. Ginger will prevent bloating, indigestion and boost your energy levels, whereas lemon and ACV will detox your body and reduce acidic levels in your body. 

5. Apple mocktail:
If you aren't a fan of ACV, you can go natural with apple juice. Add apple, ginger, mint and get a yummy smoothie that will alkalize your body and prevent inflammation in your body. 

6. Go green:
One of the healthiest ways to stay fit is to drink spinach or kale smoothie every morning. It will prevent cancer, keep your body alkaline and even boost your complete health. You can add lemon, ginger, berries and you will get a yummy drink.

7. Coconut water:
The minute you feel fatigue or have muscle inflammation, then replenish your body with coconut water. It is an alkaline drink that will boost nutrients in your body and keep your body healthy. 

Sip on these drinks and keep your body balanced. Also keep a check of the foods that you eat and reduce sugar, alcohol, fried food consumption that can trouble your health easily. 

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