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Top 8 Health Benefits Of Black Cumin Seeds a.k.a Kalonji


If you have been adding Kalonji in your cuisine, then you must be treating plenty of health related issues from your life. Kalonji or Nigella sativa is known as a healing seed that can practically combat any disease except death. It has a miraculous effect on cancer cells, paralysis, fights infections and is even used in beauty care. These tiny seeds are a rich in sodium, calcium, iron, and dietary fibre. So let's find out what are the other tons of goodness of black cumin seeds. 

1. Combats cancer:
These tiny seeds are super packed with antioxidants that fight the growth of cancer cells and protects your body from tumors. It can be used for colon cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer and other organs. Protect your body by drinking water infused with half a teaspoon of black cumin seeds. You can even add them to your diet. 

2. Relieve from headaches:
Severe headaches can come to a rest with the help of Kalonji oil, it stimulates proper blood flow and heals headaches effectively. You can even infuse Kalonji seeds in any oil and rub it topically on your forehead, it will give you a relief. 

3. Boosts immune system:
Kalonji is known to enhance the immune system and fights against flu, cold, and cough. You can even bring an end to your allergies, drink daily morning warm water infused with Kalonji and boost your immune system. 

4. Controls high blood pressure:
If you have high BP and want to control it with home remedies, then sprinkle Kalonji in your meals, salads and drinks. It will control hypertension and promote good health. 

5. Improves oral health:
Bleeding gums, cavity prone teeth can be troublesome, thus cure dental issues by munching on Kalonji. It has oral benefits and prevents bleeding gums, swollen gums or any other dental problems. You can even rub Kalonji oil on your gums and make them strong. 

6. Anti-inflammation:
As Kalonji seeds are known to have high anti-inflammatory properties, it is known to cure muscle pain, back pain, joint pain, rheumatism. Make sure you drink Kalonji water or apply topically Kalonji oil and bring relief from these pains. 

7. Treats diabetes:
According to researchers, when you eat black cumin seeds daily, it will reduce fasting glucose levels, decrease insulin resistance and treat diabetes. It is most effective for type 2 diabetes.

8. Prevents fungus growth:
Black cumin seeds prevent the growth of fungi, both on your skin, hair and even digestive system. It even treats Candida that can most affect your mouth, skin, nails. 

Sprinkle black cumin seeds to your smoothie, salads and stay healthy. As it is called the miracle seeds you can even use it in your face packs and treat your skin issues. You can even apply Kalonji oil on your hair and boost your hair health. Have you started using black cumin seeds? If not, then do add them to your diet right away. 

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