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#Trend: Know All About Latest Mystery Moon For Couples


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Surprise! There is a new trend among couples, of making their honeymoon trip into a mystery trip with your loved one. While, we get so exhausted in all the wedding ceremonies and planning that we forget to look after the honeymoon planning. Recently, you might have heard of the latest trend of couple opting for a mystery honeymoon in other words mystery moon. Yay!

What is Mystery Moon?
It’s a surprise honeymoon for both bride and the groom. They both have no idea about what the place they are going to be until they set off. So exciting for all those adventure lovers!

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Know All About it!
In mystery moon, honeymoon is being planned by some travel agent without letting the couple know. They have absolutely no idea where they are going and what all places they are going to visit. Yes! Sometimes there are many locations involved to let the mystery going. Also, mystery moon keeps the mystery and the excitement going in your entire trip by little clues and gifts that keeps on coming. It sounds crazy, but a must try. Couples only get little detail about the whole trip, so that they pack accordingly.

It’s best for all those adventure freaks and travel lovers who have a taste and will for travelling. It’s not for the soft-hearts because you have no information about the location, people and food. But it becomes fun with your love besides you holding your hand and walking somewhere you have no clue about it.

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Even Asin went on it!
If rumors are to be believed, she too had gone on a mystery moon. So, you can give it a thought and go for it. This will also make your relationship more strong. 

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