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Here Are The Sweet & Funny Things Harbhajan Has To Say On Becoming A Daddy And Geeta Basra!


Cricketer Harbhajan Singh and actress Geeta Basra tied the knot last year and they are expecting their first child by the end of this month or early August. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times the father to be spoke at length about preparing for fatherhood and taking care of his wife. 

Experience About Pre- Natal Classes:
"I’ve always been a responsible man when it comes to family… And with the baby, that would only grow. It’s a new chapter, I am looking forward to it. I’ve attended a few classes where they tell you what to expect, and help you prepare for your role as parents. There were other parents too."

Shopping Has Already Begun For The Baby:
We’ve bought some stuff. Agar kuch dikhta hai, and if we feel we’ll need it, we buy it, jaise stroller, etc. Geeta also wanted the first babysuit to be the best. She wanted designer and all, so I said, ‘Le le yar, le le’. So she bought something from Harrods, England. Earlier, we would just pass by the section for kids, it wouldn’t even register. Now, that’s where we head first."

On Living With A Pregnant Woman And The Mood Swings:
"Pregnant or otherwise, it’s not easy to stay with a woman (laughs). I try to be understanding, and I help her be comfortable. One must try to understand her situation and be as supportive as possible. That’s what I do. Do gaali aur khalo jahan itni khayi hain. Kya jaata hai.. jab itni sun ke chup ho, toh do aur sunke chup raho (laughs).”

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