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5 Cute Bite Sized Food For Your Bridal Shower!


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Bridal showers are really fun and the best time to meet and greet your family, old friend and some really close people. Planning a bridal shower that you remember for life is quite a task and in the midst of all the decorations, games and dresses, you forget the food. So, be a little creative with adorably cute bite sized food ideas for your bridal shower. And make your guest grin in greed.

Strawberries and creams for cute ladies

This is the simplest and cutest bite sized food to munch on. All you need to do is take some freshly chilled strawberries, slice them up and scoop their insides and fill it with your favourite flavour cream. It will surely be a yummiest bite sized food for your shower that you can prepare in budget.

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Katori Chaat for chatoris

If you are a sucker for street chaat and gol gappa’s, then this bite sized food is a must to add in your bridal shower menu. Get started with either baking or getting the katori fry. Once they are ready fill them up with your favourite chaat styles. Enjoy these yummy snacks with your friends.

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Mini Cheesecake for the sweet tooth

If you are a sweet tooth then go for a mini cheesecake and the best part there is no baking involved. Take some cookies and place it in a cupcake or mini jar, top it with your favourite cream an icing. There are tons of options to try these mouth-watering cheesecakes and no bake is needed. Yippee.

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Cheese nuggets for Cheese lovers

These small cute nuggets are really cute and yummy for any party. Serve these hot with hari chutney and serve it in small bowls. Spice them up a little with corns and veggies of your taste.

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Stuffed baby potatoes

Another best bite sized food you can serve in your bridal shower is stuffed baby potatoes with herbs. These tiny little things are creamy, tangy and finger licking. They are easy to make and yummy to serve.

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Tell us your favourite bite-sized food in the comments below.
Happy Munching!

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