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5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Wedding Photographer!


We spends days in planning our wedding ceremony, getting all the details on point. And hoping that everything turns out good. But often while hiring a photographer, we trust any random person, and hopes that he clicks our dream wedding. And in midst of all this, we forget that we need to put a little more effort and schedule a meeting before finalizing any photographer. After all it's one of the most important day of your life. So, Team Weddingbytes had listed 5 Questions you must-must ask your photographer. 
Q-1 Are you going to click the wedding pictures?
Once you finalize any photographer, schedule a meeting. And ask them the most important questions whether he will click the pictures at the venue. You need to meet the person who will be responsible for clicking all the shots at your wedding in person.

Q-2 Know about his photography style!
This is important, you need to know what his photography style is, whether they specializes in candid photography or portraiture.  You can even ask to see their previous work, so that you get a better idea.

Q-3 What exactly will they shoot on the wedding?
You need to have an idea, what your photographer is planning to shoot on the day of wedding Also, you can convey your shots, like what you want to get captured and how.

Q-4 What are their charge of overtime?
Another important question that most of us forget while booking photographers. You need to know their charge in case if the ceremony time exceeds.

Q-5 How long after the wedding, will  get to see the pictures?
This is important as we all wait anxiously to see the pictures, and this wait can be handled if we know the exact time. 

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