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5 Wedding Photography Tips For The Camera Shy Couple!


Are you one of those couple who freeze out when someone asks you to pose, are you camera conscious, if yes, then this article is for you all. As it's your wedding day and you cannot afford to feel shy and ruin the moment. We bring you 5 tips that will help you pose and get the best picks you can frame forever.

#1 Select the right photographer!
Don't select anyone randomly, plan out a meeting, talk to them and break the ice in between. For getting good photographs, you need to get familiar and comfortable with your photographer. You must tell them your weak points, so that they get ready with the plan of action.

#2 Just have fun!
Forget what the world is thinking, we advise you to just enjoy and have fun in your wedding, don't show your stress. A happy picture is all about real happiness, and if you are enjoying what you are doing you will surely get great pictures.

#3 Choose the right place!
If you are uncomfortable getting clicked with your love, while all the eyes stare you. We advise go in an area that's more private and make you comfortable and helps you feel at ease. It will help you get the right pictures.

#4 Just concentrate on your partner!
We advise you to forget what the world is thinking or behaving, you just be yourself and try to spend some happy time before you tie the knot. This trick will help you get some of the best pictures to frame without actually posing for it.

#5 Believe in your photographer!
Yes, in the end you need to show trust in your photographer and know that this wedding is important for them too. They might advise you few things but it's for your own good, so trust is the key.  

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