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#RealWedding: The Two-Day Royal Wedding At Goa By WhatKnot!


Everyone says once in a lifetime, you cross your soulmate from another life, this is what happened with #Wedstreetstyle couple - Rakesh&Daisy is nothing less than a dream. The couple flown down from UK, to have this exotic grand wedding at Zuri White Sands Resort in Goa. And it was amazingly shot by Whatknot!


The beautiful love story in bride's words - "When people ask how we first met, it is always a tricky question to answer. We were introduced by a mutual friend at the age of 22. Little did we know we had actually met before when we were 14. This came to light a few years ago when we were reminiscing about stories from when we were younger. I remembered my friends and I arranging to meet a group of boys that we had been chatting to in an online chat room. I had gone with high hopes of meeting the man of my dreams but was disappointed to see the group of adolescent boys with square glasses, greasy hair and acne. Interestingly Raks had also done something similar. He persisted much to my cynicism, “What if that was you?” We decided to see if we could log into the same chatroom to find out for certain. There I was as “hotdaze2k” and to our disbelief there was Raks’s screen name “gudjonsen”. From that day our belief in destiny was cemented."

The Wedding

Photography by : Whatknot

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