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4 Famous Reasons Why Kundalis Are Matched Before Wedding!


Kundali matching is considered to be a very integral step in the Indian society right before the wedding! Families in India make the final call only after matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom. No matter how modern we are becoming, parents still consider looking/matching kundlis at-least once to know if any particular puja needs to be done for the benefit of their son/daughter. Today on #WedStreetStyle we want to share 4 most famous and popular beliefs behind matching the 'Gunas'.

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What Really Happens In Kundali Matching?

Your pundits or astrologers mtch kundlis basis various factors such as the location, date and time of birth of your and your potential spouse. The final results are made taking the position of planets, stars or nakshatras into account. More gunas that match means more compatibility. Gunas are matched based on the point system and each point carries different weightage. These are given below-

1. Varna, as per vedic astrology, is matching of the intricacies of castes. 
2. Vasya, which denotes the power of attraction.
3. Tara, the calculation of which describes the longevity of the partner.
4. Yoni, describes the nature and characteristics of the person.
5. Graha Maitri, depicts natural camaraderie/friendship between the two. 
6. Gan, helps to understand the mental compatibility between the two.
7. Bhakoot, calculation denotes the influence each has on the other.
8. Nadi, shows the health and happniess of children.

All these gunas carry 1 to 8 points, and their sum can go up to 36. If the kundli score is 18 or above then the match is more favourable and ones with a score lesser than 18 are considered to face trails and issues in their wedding. 

4 Most Important Reasons As To Why Kundalis Are Matched In Indian Marriages

#1. Importance To Relationship Equation:
As per the astrology, Guna plays an important role in Kundali. 18 or more Gunas matching are considered very good for marriage because each guna has a numeric value associated with it as higher Guna total denotes higher compatibility. 

Some Gunas that are taken into account are:

Nadi: Possibility of child birth
Varna: Matching of the castes
Tara: Longevity
Gan: Mental Compatibility

#2. To Know Mental And Physical Compatibility Between Bride And Groom:
Kundali score also denotes the behaviour and perspective of the groom and the bride. A positive kundali milan states that the married life will be swift and that there will be higher agreements than disagreements. 

#3. Destiny And Financial Factor:
Since marriages are sacred unions, the wedding isn't limited to the bride and groom. With 7 vows, one get to marry their partner for seven lives and kundali can influence one's position in life. Since for a woman the gotra changes hence the destiny of the groom or his family becomes hers. Astrologers also share that after one gets married, the destiny of the spouse and his luck also changes. Kundali can't state exact reason but can determine how gunas can affect the bride and groom's life. 

#4. What Doshas Are You Carrying
When a child takes birth, the positioning of the stars and timing of his birth decide his fortune. This factor is a scientifically proven one and is therefore very important to every individual. The timing and positioning of stars can sometimes be such that they create Dosha in the person's charts, like, Mangal Dosha or Shani Dosha. Such doshas can lead to problems after marriage and with the help of kundli matching the same can be detected. Once detected, the astrologer can guide you to perform certain poojas or follow certain routines to lessen its effects. 

Our Thoughts!

We aren't a firm deliver of the kundali matching considering we all come from such different backgrounds but to each its own. Bollywood super star, Amitabh Bachchan married his son Abhishek to Aishwarya who by the way was a manglik. As per DNA, Bollywood actress and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan married  two trees “to ward off the evil influence of Mars” before she wed actor Abhishek Bachchan on April 20, 2007 as per the kundali dosh. This is a proof that Indians are firm believers in Kundli matching. What are your thoughts?

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