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7 Things Every Bride Needs To Know Before Her Wedding Night That No One Tells!


Dear Brides-to-be
We know you are really excited to start a new life with your man-to-be. You have done all the preparations for the wedding day, but have you prepared for the wedding night? In midst of all the running around to have the perfect wedding, no one really tells us how to behave on the first night - 'The Suhagraat'. So, wedstreetstyle team thought to put some light on the never spoken topic and things every bride needs to know before the wedding night!

Tip: It's OK! If your first night doesn't turns out the way you always imagined. Don't forget you have many more to come. 

#1 You may not have SEX on  the first night!
Yes, it's not a rule to have sex on the very first night, you can just talk and cuddle all night. As we know it's a new start of something, you might want to take it slowly. Or maybe you are so tired from all the ceremonies that this sounds best. 
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#2 Consult a gynecologist, if your period is close!
This happens a lot, if your period is anywhere near to your wedding night, then consult a gynecologist to pre-pone or postpone the dates.

#3 Get your tests done!
Believe it or not, but this is really important just like matching kundlis, You need to get all the necessary test done and make sure your fiance also gets it done. Consult a doctor and make sure all the test like STD and infections are done.

#4 Don't rush!
It's ok! If you aren't close yet, don't rush things out and do not panic, especially all the couples who got tied the knot in an arranged meeting. It's absolutely normal if you do not have sex in the first week. The important thing is to be comfortable first. 
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#5 Share what you feel!
We know it's awkward at first, to share your room, bed and a whole life with someone. You might feel little shy at the fact of sleeping together which is absolutely normal, just talk to your partner, Discuss your fears and your feelings. And believe us together you will sort out every little thing.
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#6 Discuss!
Many of us shy away when it comes to having a serious talk with out partner about the birth controls and family planning. But you need to sort it out before. You need to have a clear mind about your future and babies

#7 Built a connection
The first night is not all about SEX, it's more to it. The whole marriage has a deeper meaning, you need to built the connection first in order to connect physically, and all this can happen only when you talk. So, talk it out whenever you feel the need.
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