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Hindu-Muslim Couple Go Drama Free On Their Wedding In The Sweetest Way!


Caste, religion, financial status - when it comes to marriages in India, there're way too many obstacles to overcome. When Dubai-based newlyweds, Junaid Shaikh and Garima Joshi fell in love in Dubai during their masters the couple decided not to have a conventional wedding. In an interview Junaid said,"Hindu-Muslim, it's a taboo... We knew since the time we started dating that our relationship came with a full stop." 

They decided to ditch the nikah and the pheras, and simply celebrate their love with friends and family. They had to wait to convince their parents and fought for their love anr finally their parents accepted their relationship whole heartedly. 

They enjoyed every second of their togetherness and this video is a proof. Shutter Down shared this video on their timeline and we are just loving it.

Love has no boundaries!! Love is eternal!Indeed It is!

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