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10 Awwdorable Ways Your Man Shows You His Love! (No More Complaints!)


Dear Brides & Brides-to-be,

If you think your fiance, your husband doesn't love you enough or notice you, then scroll down as we bust this myth. Men are men they don't show what they really feel so easily. You need to take an effort and explore their every layer. There are things they do to show  their love that are often overlooked. So, to make every men's life easy we tell you 10 cute ways he shows his love for you. Scroll down & share it with your partners.

#1 Random calls after a long  day!
If he calls you once he step out of the office and ask what you are 'cooking', baby he is a keeper because he wants to listen to your voice first once the day is over. Also, another reason to it is, he wants to know whether the chocolate cake he is getting will compliment the dinner or not.
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#2 Hugging & Snuggling
Who says men doesn't show their love. Ever noticed the way he pulls you closer in his sleep and tucks you tight. That's his way of loving you. When Aunty Flow pays you a visit he just hugs and makes the pain go away.
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#3 'We' Time
When instead of playing games, or going out with friends, he spends the whole Sunday afternoon with you. It's love and  that's the only way he knows how to show it.
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#4 Date night with parents
If your partner out of nowhere takes your parents out for a dinner date, remember that's how he shows his respect to your world. He is a keeper, if he knows how to value and manage everyone.
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#5 Pre-booking
Believe us men aren't that expressive in their ways of showing love, they won't take the first step to cuddle you in public. But if he pre-books a movie, it means that he want to spent that moment with you and only you.
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#6 When he takes leave
On days when you are unwell and aren't able to cook, he takes a leave and prepares the lunch and take care of your every need  that's love. 
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#7 Last bites
If your man shares the last bite of his favourite dessert with you believe us he loves you, because it takes a lot for a man to share his food that too his favourite dessert.
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#8 Random Texts
When he knows you are busy and somewhere out, he randomly text you that's his way of telling you that you always run in his mind. 
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#9 When he calms you down
OK, there are times when we aren't best of our self. We yell at every random person we see because of a bad hair day or rickshawla charging extra, at that moment when he calms you down, That's love!
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#10 Secret kisses
When in middle of a busy afternoon with random people, he secretly kisses you or whispers something sweet, that's how he conveys his love.
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