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What Kind Of Wedding Will Your Zodiac Sign Have?


At #Wedstreetstyle weddings are an important affair and we try and make it a memorable one, too. It's true that we all dream of their dream wedding once a while in the growing up stages. There are some that are too obsessed with the entire wedding theme, keeping every little detail in mind. And then there are some who just wants to get married in a low key affair with holding the hands of their loved one. Do you wonder why? The reason is simple, because of our zodiac sign that rules us makes us want things that way. So, we thought of putting some light on what kind of wedding you will have according to your zodiac sign🌺. Read on!

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If you are ruled by the sun sign Aries, then my dear friend you are the Go-getter sort of person. It is said that when it comes to weddings you aren't the one who gets obsessed with all the little details. You like modern celebrations that are simple and doesn't focus much on tiny details. Our advice this is your day opt  for lavish celebrations and bold eyes.

Taurus are family oriented people, their family means the world to them. You want your entire family at one spot to celebrate your happiness, another trait about  Taurus are their connection with then nature, so don't worry if they ask you to bid goodbye to your cellphones, They love wedding in midst of nature, but there won't be anything cheap, They know how to blend style and class together.

Gemini is an air sign, who loves transportation, so don't get surprised when you see a food truck on their wedding. Their wedding is not just a two day celebration,  rather it's a lifetime happiness. So, they tend to party after the wedding gets over. They love desserts so they will definitely have a great bar full of desserts.

Cancer brides hate displaying their emotions in public, so the best suited ceremony for you darlings will be an intimate one away from all the public eyes with just the one you love. Another thing that's common among cancer brides are they love their mother's dress as their wedding outfit. You can go for vintage theme that looks amazing and makes your wedding a hit.

Leo, the big cats love to shine and sparkle in crowd. When they tie the knot, they want to let everyone know in a luxurious ceremony. Your wedding outfit is the one you love the most and  want it to be the center of attraction. Another thing that's common in Leo brides are they want a dramatic entry. So, it's OK if you want to add more glitz in your pholoon ki chaddar, we totally understand.

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Here comes the romantic lovers, who love everything simple and cute, sugar-coated with smiles. They love to get surrounded by nature, so a wedding that's surrounded by greenery is a perfect for them. They love little things like fairy lights and mason jar decoration. There is no surprise if you love Polaroid pictures over digital one. 

Libra brides are born stylists, the stars have given  it all as a gift. Libra like classic weddings, the first dance and everything authentic. They give their attention to fine details like colour of napkins to the linen used. Also, hire an excellent photographer to capture all the details of your wedding.

Scorpio loves fall wedding. Just like Virgos they feel most comfortable around their birthday month. They never imagine a wedding with tons of people they don't even know coming and wishing them on stage. They like a more private kinda setup. The best destination for your wedding would be a beach one with all the privacy.

Sagittarius love destination weddings, there is no sign that does it better than them. They will always choose a destination wedding over a regular one. Once the ceremonies are over, they will be the first to run and set up the camp.

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Capricorn believes in old school love filled with elegance. Whenever they chose a wedding date, they will always go for the wintertime. They love Cinderella style gowns in their reception or engagement party. When it comes to location no one can match your taste, because you will always select castles with beautiful locations, just like your own fairytale.

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Aquarius doesn't opt for a regular wedding, they are bound to do something unique. If you are tying the knot then you made your own rules and regulations to follow. You love non-traditional wedding venues, so don't get surprised if you want to marry on a cruise. That's your way.

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As a Pisces you love mystic world of magic. You love the idea of having fantastic wedding admired by everyone. So, it's OK if you ever imagined a Harry Potter style wedding or Alice in wonderland. Once you step in the phuloon ki chaddar, believes us there won't be any dry eyes.    

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