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10 Quick Life Saver Tips For The Brides Who Are Planning To Do Their Own Makeup!


If you are soon going to tie the knot, and aren't ready to let your someone touch your face  then read on as #Wedstreetstyle team tells you quick life saver make up tips. Note them all girls!

#1 Emergency makeup kit

First thing first, do not forget to pack an emergency makeup kit and make sure you give it to someone who is going to stick around you all through the night. You can even add a secret pocket in your lehenga skirt that no one gets to know, and keep your essentials in it. 

#2 Moisturize!

Before you start working with your brushes, moisturize your face well. It will help you get the smooth base for doing your makeup plus your skin won't even dry out after applying layers of foundation.

#3 Tea bags or Spoon For Eyes

If your eyes are puffy and red because of dancing all night. Fret not, here is the remedy keep green tea bag or clean spoon in the freezer and put it on your eyes while you are getting your hair done. It will take care of your eyes making it fresh.

#4 Lip balms for your perfect pout

Another thing most of us avoid is keeping are lips moisturize, this is as much important ass moisturizing your face. Apply lip balm on your lips before putting lipstick on it. It will make a great base for your matte lipsticks.


#5 Q-tips can be a lifesaver!

Believe us, these little q-tips can save your life and make your eyeliner game on point. If your eyeliner bleeds or there isn't any fine line, just take a dry q-tip and make your liner right.

#6 Long lasting lips

If you want to save yourself from the pain of applying and re-applying your lipstick in middle of a function, Then this tip is for you, once you apply a lipstick, take a tissue and press down on it hard, Now, apply the lipstick again, this trick will surely make your lip colour last long. 

#7 Mathapati  trick

You are getting irritated by the constant movement of your mangtikka. We have a solution, just put a double tape on your mathapati or maangtika, so that it doesn't move and make you uncomfortable. 

#8 Forgot your gel liner?

If you forgot your gel liner and instead took the pencil liner, here is a tip to turn it into gel. Just put lighter on the tip of your pencil liner and let it cool off, taddaa your new  gel liner is ready.

#9 Brighter Eye shadow?

Want to make your eye shadow look brighter, here is a tip, put a white liner on your eye lids and inner eye lids and your eye shadow will look brighter and better.

#10 Need a facial on the last day?

Remember no matter what, never ever do a facial on the last two days of before your wedding. But if you still need a facial, then take an ice cube put it in a towel and apply on your face. It will work as a natural primer and will make your skin clear and remove all the oil. 

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