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5 Super Cool Makeup Hacks Every Girl Must Know !


GIRLS ! Makeup Hacks can definitely make your life easier. They make the application and use of a lot of different products quick and fun as well.
 Dealing with makeup can be hard sometimes, so here 5 super cool Makeup Hacks that you all need to know! 

Use Toilet Seat Covers As Blotting Paper:  An oily face doesn't look cute at all and am sure a lot of us run out of blotting paper many times. So what you can do is, go to a restroom and take a seat cover , rip it up into smaller pieces and use it to de grease your face.
If you want to Make your lipstick last longer use some tissue and translucent powder.  After applying your lipstick, take a tissue and place it over your lips, then take the translucent powder on a brush and dab it onto the tissue over your lips . 

#3 :
If you want to avoid lash clumps then take some Petroleum Jelly and rub it nicely over your lashes , and after this applying your mascara. You will find perfect clump free lashes!  

#4 :
 If the mascara you are using has dried up, then you can easily fix it by putting some eye drops in it ! This will make your mascara all nice and amazing like it was before and even the application will be great .

 #5 :
Do you often go wrong with your foundation shade? Then you need to try the foundation shades on your neck , and not the hands . The color that matches the closest is the shade for you and this way you won't ever go wrong with the foundation shades.

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