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Are In-Laws Really Out-Laws ?


Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs. The one's who accept you for who you are. The one's who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. But is this true when its comes to "In-Laws "? We all share different varied ideas on this topic of in -laws, mother in law and all such relationships. One of the most difficult things in marriage is dealing with in-laws and am sure majority of people would agree to that. Often we feel that in-laws are trying to get too involved in the marriage and even interfering.

But does all this mean that they are actually outlaws? Today through this article I want to put across some points that can really help us build a beautiful harmonious bond with our in-laws and this goes for Men and Women both equally.

  • The key to any happy relationship is Communication, We all know how important is communication in our lives.To build any relationship begin with communication.One needs to talk freely about their lifestyle, ideas likes and dislikes and even listen effectively to understand the other person. 
  • A great thing that one can do, is Come with an open mind and heart.Pre assuming things regarding people will do us no good and make us stuck up with our ideas and thoughts, hence creating issues and problems with the new family.
  • In the back of your mind You'll always compare them to your own family and parents, and often this comparison can give you sadness, but why compare? Every human is different and comparing individuals is of no use, so even comparing parents and their lifestyles is not a great thing one can do and it won't help u build any relationships as well.
  • Adjusting, and yes how many times we listen to this and many a times its taken in a negative manner, But don't you all think adjusting is a trait that one must try and possess? You have to adjust in life at different levels, be it work, marriage .at home, with children, friends so why not adjust with in-laws as well. A little adjustment here and there am sure can make the environment at home pretty nice.
Here's One Photo With My Mom In Law:

We really need to get this out of our head that IN-LAWS are bad people or they hate you and want to make your marriage a disaster. Well am sure there are weird people in the world, but yes good people do exist, every kind of relationship needs to be built with love, patience, and an open mind. They are your spouse parents, they have a huge and a very important role in the life your spouse has lived.No family is perfect, no relationship is perfect, you always have to make one for yourself and if you deal any relationship with positivity and affection they always end up good . !!

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