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5 Super Exciting Ways To Make Your Wedding Night Memorable!


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The knots are tied; the wedding is over and now is the time for much waited wedding night. There is no doubt the term wedding night invokes excitement and nervousness. While most of us don’t want to rush things but we all want to make it memorable and special. It’s your first night as husband and wife. So, here are 5 super exciting ways to make your wedding night a memorable one.

#1 Gifts First!
It’s your first night together; make it a special one for your partner to remember. Plan a surprise gift, no need of spending huge amount. Rather give them a beautiful letter, or something that shows the new beginning of your relationship. Something that touches their heart, you can write a poem or sing to them, you can plan on giving a gift basket.

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#2 Connect!
If it’s an arrange marriage, build up the connection first. Don’t rush into things and try to get intimate without the connection. Talk it out with your partner, try to build an emotional bridge and cross it and touch their heart with your love. Express your love and amazement that finally they are together, thank them for being your soulmate. This will touch every heart.

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#3 A slow music to set the mood right
Yup, this is one of the best ways to break the ice in your relationship that too on a first night. Music lightens our heart and touches the romantic chords. So, the best way is to play a background music, you both love and want to listen.

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#4 Make a Love list
Decide this before your wedding, and make sure you both do this home work. Record or write a love list stating on the points you love about your partner. And play it or read on your wedding night. Tell them how blessed you are to find each other, that how long you have waited for it to happen. Their one beautiful habit you noticed and everything sweet

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#5 Have a Treasure Hunt
You are never too old to play treasure hunt. And that too on your wedding night will be too exciting. Hide things sexy, sweet and romantic in your room. Write a clue for your partner and ask them to find it. You can hide a bottle of champagne, chocolate box, or sexy lingerie.

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