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5 Hair Mistake You Should Never Make On Your Wedding Day!


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Dear Brides-to-be,

Always remember to get your dream look; you need to work for it. While most of us ignore hair stylists and think that it’s just one day job. That’s where we all get wrong and end up making blunders. By now we all know, it’s really important to work on the little details to get the flawless look on your wedding day and working on hair is one of them.
So, here are 5 hair mistakes you should definitely avoid before your wedding & to get gorgeous hair you love.

#1 Letting hair grow without the regular trims

Every girls wants long and shiny hair before our wedding. So, what we do, we let it grow without getting it trim. The result split ends and dry frizzy hair. So, if you want long and strong hair on your wedding day, stay with a regular 8-10 week trim schedule. This way your hair will grow faster and healthier.
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#2 A must have Hair Trail Sessions

Believe us, your hairstylists is a magical person, he can make you look like a princess within an hour. Trust them and do not skip hair trail session. You need to have faith on your hair stylists tell them your fear and what you would want on your wedding day. Communicate well, so that you are able to clear the doubts, if there are any and tell them what you really want on your wedding.
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#3 Colouring your hair!

While most of us crave to experiment with colours on our hair, doing so before your wedding is a complete no-no. What if something goes wrong, you have to end up with it, that too on the most important day of your life. If you want to have colours in your hair do it at least 2-3 weeks before your wedding.
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#4 Shampooing on the day of wedding

Well, you might be shocked to know, that shampoo on the wedding day is not advised by many hairstylists. It will make your hair dry and unmanageable. So, the best solution is to wash your hair at night before your wedding day, and in the morning just brush it well, to let the natural oil flow. It will make your hair shiny.
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#5 Discuss & Style Your hair

Yes, many of us think that updo’s are the only option we are left with, when it comes to wedding day. Wrong! You can have bunch of options and styles to choose from, if you discuss well with your stylists. You can try out with letting your hair open in soft curls, or braiding it up. Just choose your style well. 
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