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Oh Oh! Karan Patel Yet Again Stalls Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Shoot Due To His Temper Tantrums!


Karan Patel is known as the Tantrum king in the television industry. He has a lot of attitude and the success seems to have gone into his head so much so that he has in the past shown disrespectful behaviour . The TV star infact seems to be proud of his blunt attitude. Recently, we hear that the shoot of his show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein was stalled after the actor threw a fit on the sets.

Karan  Patel had apparently not liked the shirt that was given to him for the shoot and he didn't want to wear it. As per reports of, a source from the sets saying, "It was a needless demand. Every actor cannot like every outfit that is given to him/her. Professionalism demands that actors learn to dress up the way that the producers and channels (Balaji Telefilms and Star Plus in this case) want them to for a particular scene. Else what's the difference between an actor and a dress designer?"

Shockingly, no shooting was done for that particular episode despite all artists being ready! Instead, Karan only shot for the episode the next day when a shirt of his liking was given to him. 

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