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#CoupleGoals: 7 Ways To Beat Post Honeymoon Blues For The New Couple


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Weddings are a big affair, taking most our time in planning and getting ready for the day, making us the centre of attraction 24*7. When the day dawns, it goes away with a blink of an eye; you went on exotic Honeymoon holding the hands of your love, just like you had dreamt. And when you come back home in the real world, the problem starts to increase, you notice this irritating habit and you just had your first fight over a stupid issue (everything speeds up, leaving you confused). Well, don’t worry! This is not a serious issue, but it can become one, if not handled with care.
The #Wedstreetstyle team thought to give some light on this issue which is often ignored. So, here are 7 ways to beat Post-Honeymoon blues with love and extra care because you need to make your own happily ever after.

#1 Don’t Rush into Your normal lives

In our society, we don’t take the after honeymoon period seriously. That’s when the problem starts, you need to plan out things and take it easy. Don’t rush to go back in your normal routine, because that’s not possible, there is a person you are attached to. Once you come back, make sure you slow up things. We advise you to go on dinner dates because you still don’t know this person completely, keep alive the love, the newness and fall every day. That’s the only way to avoid conflicts and irritation.
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#2 Talk it out!

You just had a fight with your mom-in-law, and you are feeling all heated, relax. Before you take this thing to your husband, you need to communicate well. Make sure whenever you feel low or think that your partner is avoiding you or if there is any dispute, just talk it out. It’s important, you need to understand each other and if he doesn’t make him understand. Communication is the key, the more you talk the more sort out you will be.
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#3 Mini-breaks

Please guys go out and live your life. Don’t let the boring work schedule take away your love and the fun. You get young only once, plan outings and go on mini honeymoons. Also, another best thing you can do together is join a gym together. That way you can look sexy and have all the fun. Remember, once you get back from honeymoon, things start to complicate, you need to have faith in your relationship and make it survive.
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#4 Exchange love notes

You know why couple fights more, once the honeymoon period ends because they forget to love and they think that 5 minutes of love making will help them rejuvenate their relationship. No dear, this is not the right way. If you love someone, you need to show them. They are not mind readers, keep alive the love in the relationship, and don’t let it die while running after big homes and a luxurious life. So, the best way to show love is exchanging love notes, keep them in places they often see and make them smile.
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#5 Re-arrange your home!

If you have shifted to your own home, great! Plan a home date, discard old items, paint a wall or make one with your family collages. Discuss your tastes and likes, believe us, this day will make get you more close. Buy things together, re-decorate your room. Make your own world. See, it’s not that difficult, you only need to take a step.
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 #6 Have Some ‘Me-Time’

It’s true, ‘Me’ time is as much important as ‘We’ time. You need to take some time out and do things alone, that way you will get time to sink in the reality. Also, it will make you miss each other. Go on work holidays or some activities you love doing. It’s a nice way to de-stress.
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#7 Date nights! Oh YES!

You know why couple fight more once the honeymoon period ends. Well, the one and only reason is change of relationship status, from dating to married. Like really! Now, we are married, we can hang around in pj’s (though, that’s cute if you know how the art of seducing) and do spent hours in front of Television and do nothing. Make it rule, to go on date nights every Saturday. No need, of going to high-end places, a simple cafĂ© will also serve the purpose. 
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We wish all the readers of #Wedstreetstyle a happily ever after filled with love that never ends!

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