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How Drinking Kesar Can Improve Your Overall Health


Reading our title we are sure the first benefit of kesar that would have come up in your mind is fair complexion. Saffron is one of the most expensive herbs and is often called as the king of herbs. It is extracted from the stigmas of the crocus flower and is enriched with minerals, vitamins carotenes that not only beautify your skin but develop your overall health. In the medieval time, saffron tea was a popular drink of Egyptian, Greek, Romans which eases stomach cramps, regulate blood circulation and develops a healthy heart. It is also known as the healing herb and when taken with milk it immensely reflects goodness on the health and complexion. Let's find out how saffron tea or saffron milk benefits good health.

1. Enhances memory:
Saffron restrains the deposition of amyloid protein that fades memory and causes Alzheimer disease, also it improves the memory, concentration and is often used in several medicines for mental health. Add a few strands of saffron to the milk and drink regularly for the memory boost.

2. Cures insomnia:
If you suffer from sleep disorders or insomnia, then before hitting the bed drink warm saffron tea. Saffron has mild sedative properties that will unwind the stressed nerves and improve your sleep pattern.

3. Protects eyesight:
According to the researchers, this aromatic herb has fatty acids that protect the vision cell membranes and enhances the eyesight. It also prevents the loss of sight in the older group of people. A daily dose of saffron tea strengthens the eye tissue and protects your vision.

4. Fights depression:
Saffron is enriched with carotenoids, vitamin B, iron, riboflavin that boosts serotonin levels and fights depression. Serotonin is a chemical messenger that acts as the mood stabilizer and reduces the symptoms of depression. Add a few strands of saffron to your milkshakes, or drink saffron tea and enhance your mood, sleeping pattern.

5. Help with weight loss:
As saffron increases serotonin levels, it protects us from binge eating, so saffron will basically reduce your craving and over snacking habits keeping yourself fit and healthy.

6. Cures respiratory problems:

Saffron has the ability to fight asthma, congestion, and other chronic illness. If you suffer from cold, asthma or breathing problem, saffron will work as a decongestant and expel the mucus, phlegm responsible for the cold. Daily night drink a cup of hot milk infused with strands of saffron and a pinch of turmeric, your health would improve to a great extent.

7. Fights cramps:
If you have unbearable cramps during your menstruation, or general stomach cramps then we suggest you drink saffron tea. Saffron has antispasmodic properties that lower the cortisol levels and gives a huge relief from cramps. Also as saffron aids in good digestion, you can drink saffron tea after your dinner and improve your digestion.

8. Blood purifier:
Saffron can be used as a detoxifier, it draws out the impurities in the blood that prevent any blood diseases, and promotes clear skin. Also, the presence of iron in kesar increases the blood cells that prevent you from being anemic.

9. Improves heart health:
Saffron is a good source of crocetin, potassium, antioxidants that help in protecting your heart from blockage and circulatory problems. The antioxidants lower the bad cholesterol, prevent plaque formation and keeps the arteries in good condition whereas crocetin decreases the buildup of lipoprotein that causes circulation problems and potassium maintains blood pressure and prevents heart diseases. Hence you can keep your heart healthy by drinking saffron on a daily basis.

10. Treats arthritis:
The unbearable pain and swelling in arthritis can definitely be reduced by saffron. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce muscle inflammation and protects the bone erosion. You can use oils infused with saffron and massage the inflamed muscles which will bring a relief. Along with that drink saffron tea and reduce arthritis pain.

So folks, drink saffron milk, tea on a regular basis and enhance the quality of your life.

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