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How To Choose The Right Lipstick Shade For Your Skin Tone- Fair, Medium, Dark & Olive


We are sure many of you have this doubt, especially when purchasing lipsticks online- which color would suit my skin tone, which wouldn't wash down your face? There are plenty of times you would have picked a wrong shade out of love for the shade, but unfortunately that just doesn't match with your skin tone (disheartening times!). However we can help you, you can avoid this mistake and buy the right shades that suit your skin tone and make you look as fabulous as you actually are. These are the tricks from makeup artists around the globe, who swear by this lipstick trick that is meant for every skin tone, do read further to know more about this.

Skin undertones:

Girls you need to know the difference between skin tone and undertone. Your undertone defines what colors would suit you. Skin tone is the color that describes you, whereas skin undertone is the shade that is underneath your skin surface. You can either have the same skin tone and undertone or there can be a difference. And to spot that difference the undertones are classified as:

1. Cool undertone (pinkish, blue, red undertones)
2. Warm undertone (yellow, peachy undertones)
3. Neutral undertone (a blend of cool and warm)

How to find out your skin undertone:
Now how to determine which undertone is yours? This is completely easy, all you have to do is check your wrist veins. If the veins look green, then you have a warm undertone, if they look blue then you have a cool undertone. Wasn't this easy peasy? If still, you aren't able to determine then try on a silver and gold jewelry. Check which of these suits your skin tone, if you are cool undertone silver, platinum jewelry would brighten your skin, whereas gold will brighten cool undertone. Hope this helps.

Tip: you can even try the sun test, go out in the sun and see what shade does your skin changes? If it changes to pink shade, then you have a cool undertone and if it changes to golden brown then you have a warm undertone.

1. Fair Complexion:
Cool undertone:

If you have a cool undertone it would be best if you stayed away from brown, orange. Shades of mauve, pink, crimson reds, berry toned pinks, mocha shades would complement your skin.

Warm undertone:
Indians mostly have this skin tone and that is why we recommend peaches, coral, orange red or red toned browns lipstick shades which will do wonders to your skin.

2. Medium Complexion:
Cool undertone:

Wheatish or medium complexion beauties shouldn't choose pastel shades as it might wash out their skin. It would be perfect to use rose shades, warm pinks, cranberry reds, wine colored purples.

Warm undertone:

Inclined towards bright shades such as orange, cherry reds also if you want a subtle shade then pick rose colored neutrals. You will look fab in them.

3. Dark Complexion:
Cool undertone:
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Wine reds are your go-to shades, you can pick dark shades such as plum, berry tints, reds which would make you look pretty and stunning. Make sure you avoid anything orangey shade.

Warm undertone:
It can be challenging to pick the right shade, so you can opt for brick reds, tangerine shade, dark burgundies, brighter corals, warmer browns would look flawless on your skin tone.

4. Neutral Complexion (Olive skin):

If you are in between cool and warm tone (unable to identify if you have blue or green veins) then you could be neutral skin tone. For such beauties, we recommend dark berry shades, deep plums, coral, pink, nudes would bring out the warmth in your face.

We hope you are clear with what lipstick shade to pick next time you are on a lipstick haul.

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