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How To Remove Makeup? Raid Your Kitchen For Natural Products


We are sure many would agree with us that the most taxing jobs isn't applying makeup, but it is to remove the makeup. Also isn't it disheartening to remove the makeup? Even Though there are plenty of makeup remover products in the market, there are times when certain products strip out the essential oils on your face. For all such times, it is best to go the natural way. By the natural way, we mean to raid your kitchen. Yes, girls, there are plenty of ingredients that can remove even the darkest smoky eyes and give you a clean and clear face. Also, natural products wouldn't irritate your skin, nor cause any allergens. These were the 6 natural products we found helpful in removing makeup and even cleansing our face.

1. Jojoba oil:
If you have sensitive skin, then jojoba oil is perfect makeup removal oil for you. Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties that would ward off any burning sensation and the antibacterial properties will keep acne, breakouts at bay. When you rub your face with jojoba oil it will not only remove makeup but even hydrate your skin.

2. Cucumber:

Cucumber is loaded with goodness, not only it helps in removing dark circles, but it even helps in cleansing your face. It has anti-inflammatory and oil busting properties, that will remove the residual makeup, grime and even soothe your skin. All you have to do is apply a paste of cucumber on your face and wipe the paste with cotton or cleansing wipes. You would notice your skin exfoliated, soft and supple.

3. Milk:
Milk makes you beautiful inside out, all you have to do is dab a cotton ball in 4 tablespoons of milk and slowly rub the cotton over your face and rinse your face with cold water. Voila, your makeup would be removed and you would feel refreshed. The lactic acid exfoliates your skin and even replenishes the skin. If you have dry skin we suggest you to use whole milk and oily skin beauties can go for skim milk.

4. Baking soda and honey:
These makeup removal ingredients will suit all skin types and remove makeup easily. Mix honey and baking soda and with a help of cleansing wipe or cotton, rub the mixture over your face. This mixture would exfoliate your skin, remove dirt, makeup and even bring a suppleness to your skin. Isn't this an easy peasy makeup remover?

5. Coconut oil:
Dry skin beauties can rely on coconut oil for not only moisturize their skin, but even as a skin deep makeup remover. Take few drops of coconut oil and rub the liquid over your face and eyelids. Take a cotton ball and wipe your face, and then rinse your face with water. Your skin may turn sticky, so apply a gentle face wash and remove the oil content. We wouldn't recommend this ingredient for sensitive skin and oily skin ladies as coconut oil can clog the pore and this might result in a breakout, acne, blackheads.

6. Vaseline:
For your stained lips, we suggest you apply vaseline for 10 seconds and then wipe it off with tissue you would notice clean lips. Also, you can use vaseline for dark eye makeup, just smear vaseline on your eyelids and using a cotton ball gently wipe off the eyelid area, if needed apply more vaseline and then wash your face with cool water. Isn't this the cheap way to remove your eye makeup?

So instead of shelling bucks for a perfect makeup removal, rush to your kitchen and use these natural products for a clean and clear face.

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