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DIY: Remove Your Makeup With Homemade Makeup Remover


Makeup removers are a must have for every makeup junkie. But as makeup removers are made from various chemicals it can sometimes react with your skin and cause redness, irritation, and even breakouts. That is why is it important to choose the right makeup remover that suits your skin type. However, as we love DIYs and raiding our kitchen, we decided to share with you an easy homemade makeup remover that will remove your makeup easily and benefit your skin too. So girls, try these makeup remover if you have sensitive skin or if you enjoy DIYS or even when you are running out of your makeup remover.

Homemade makeup remover

1. Coconut oil for dry skin:
This is one of the easiest ways to remove your makeup, even the heavy smokey eye makeup will clean off with one swipe of coconut oil. Also, coconut oil is highly nourishing for your skin and wouldn't strip off the essential oils from your face.

2. Jojoba oil and aloe vera for oily skin:
Another perfect way to remove the long lasting makeup is jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, and lemon essential oil. Jojoba oil won't clog your pores and will remove even the last traces of your makeup. Aloe vera is soothing and hydrating for all skin types and will prevent any wrinkles. Lemon essential oil has antibacterial properties that will kill bacteria and keep acne away. You can mix all the ingredients and store a container and use it whenever needed.

3. Milk powder:
Remove your makeup with the help of milk powder. It will work perfectly in removing the makeup and wouldn't let any residue of makeup on your face. Mix one teaspoon of milk powder and 1 teaspoon of water and with a help of cotton apply it on your face and tada wipe off the makeup easily from your face.

4. Aloe vera gel:
Aloe vera gel can easily remove your makeup and has hydrating properties that wouldn't let your face lose the water levels. Aloe vera gel is gentle for your delicate eye area and can even be used to remove your long lasting, matte lipsticks.

5. Baby oil:
If your skin is highly sensitive then you can even opt for baby oil, which would be gentle and safe for your skin. It wouldn't clog your pores and even clean up the residue of your makeup.

So girls, forget to invest on makeup removers, fetch these super effective ingredients and clear off your makeup as well as protect your skin from any harsh chemicals and stay fabulous always.

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