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5 Tips To Successful Working From A Coffee Shop!


I love the concept of ‘Coffice’ for the simple reason that it aids more creativity especially when I am done working from home. And then a cup of coffee always gets you through a long (bad/hardworking/busy) day! While Coffice may sound pretty fancy, it takes some amount of pre-planning and discipline to actually work out of your favorite Barista, Cafe Coffee Day, Costa or Starbucks (these are my most frequently visited coffee shops). Anyway, I don’t want to give you long paras on how to be more productive, but I do intend to share 5 tips that I follow to make ‘Coffice’ a fun yet exciting work place.

Tip #1
Carry Your Own Equipments: I ensure to carry a multi socket switchboard (a smaller one that I got from Philips India) while I visit my fav CCD. While its imperative to sit close to power outlets, you sometimes need to charge your phone, your laptop, additional batteries and so and so forth and that’s why you need this in the very first place.

Tip #2
Plan your deadlines: If you are going to be sitting and working for 3 hours, then mark a deadline of 2 hours. This will automatically be stretched to 2.5 hours and will also include your coffee sipping time. Measure your productivity and delivery timing especially when you are a newbie to make ‘coffice’ work for you!

Tip #3
Headphones: You need them like you need the coffee especially during the busy hours. Invest in good quality headphones and turn in your music when you are making presentations, replying to emails or blogging (like I do). Financing and accounting can be done at your workplace maybe?

Tip #4
Choose your coffee wisely: I know we all have our favourites, but if you head out to a coffice in afternoon hours and want to indulge in heavy creamy coffees then don’t pick up working immediately. Chill, relax and then get back to work. Stuffing yourself up and then wanting to work doesn’t really works for me!

Tip #5
Drop Conference Calls: I talk to my clients all the time while I am at Coffice but I absolutely avoid taking conference calls owing to loud noise, ambient sounds and music of-course. Take calls when you have ‘ekant’ or at your workplace.

Have a productive week you all J

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