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7 Super Cute Ways To Personalize Every Little Detail For Brides


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You get all that extra pampering from your mom, friends, family and everyone else the day you said YES! Well, we know the reason their little daughter is going away to set her own little world. You are entitled to get all the love and attention.
So, while scrolling through Pinterest, we get to know about this unique trend of personalizing things with a big label ‘BRIDE’. This has become a new trend which you must-must follow before your wedding. Also, you can DIY these ideas with your girls, if you don’t want to spend that extra buck.

Personalize Bridal Clutch
To give that extra touch to your wedding attire, why not buy a personalized clutch with big letters stating BRIDE or Just Married.

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Coffee mug for the brides
All those running around from shopping to saloon, can really be exhausting. So, to relax get yourself a cute personalized mug and sip your coffee with style. The best part you can DIY a mug with sharpies.

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Bridal Phone Case
You need to take selfies, as it the most important day of life. You can add more cuteness to your selfies and wedding picture with a cute customized phone case shouting BRIDE.

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Bride Hangers
Make everyone go 'Awww' with a customized hanger with bride's name and date.
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Shoe Sticker
Remember, we had talked about the shoe jewellery. Well, there is another trend that will make you go WOW shoe stickers for your heels...

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Bride-to-be Pillows
Want to decorate your room last time, then go for these customized Bridal pillows that will make your super cute. Again, if you don't want to buy it, you can customized it. So,  take your craft box out and get going.

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Slippers for bride
You can't run around  the house in your lehenga and high heels, you need slippers, And why not customize them too (So Cute!)

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If you loved these super cute ideas and you know more ideas, then drop a comment below. 

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