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#Food Alert: 6 Foods That Trigger Acne


Skin is the reflection of what you eat. To stay beautiful outside, you must stay fit inside. It is often said that if you have skin issues, blame your eating habits. There are certain foods that can increase the sebum and trigger acne. Also, foods are responsible for secreting excessive testosterone, which will cause pesky pimples, breakouts and give you a troublesome time. Several foods such as coffee, chocolate, peanuts, processed foods can stimulate the insulin levels which lead to inflammation, breakouts. If you have acne prone skin, then stop eating the listed foods right away. It is also important that you involve in good skincare regime and drink loads of water which will keep acne at bay.

Peanuts are rich in androgen which can increase sebum production and trigger acne. If you have oily skin, sensitive skin, then completely avoid peanuts, peanut butter as it will make your skin even more oily and provoke inflammation your skin.

Most of the dermatologist suggests skipping milk if you suffer from acne. Milk can stimulate the blood sugar, increase the insulin levels that can increase the production of oils and cause acne. Also, most of the milk available in the market is produced by pregnant cows that have high levels of hormones and increase the oils. If you can't stay away from milk, then try organic milk, almond milk which might prevent acne.

Chocolates have high levels of sugar, trans fats that can trigger acne. High level of sugar can increase sebum production and cause acne on your skin. Avoid chocolates, candy which is not only bad for your skin, but even your health and teeth!
Tip: if you are choco maniac then go for dark chocolates, they are good for your health.

Processed foods:

Processed foods such as white bread, cakes, cookies, croissants, potato chips which are also called high glycemic foods that can cause acne. These foods are rich in refined sugar, which can increase your insulin levels and increase the testosterone in your body which can provoke the troublesome acne.

Greasy foods:

No matter how tempting they are, it is best to avoid junk food! It will aggravate your skin and bring in bumps on your face resulting in acne, breakouts. Junk foods such as fries, pizza, trigger hormonal response, increase sebum production, inflame pore and cause pesky pimples.

Hey coffee lovers, if acne is a common friend then bid goodbye to coffee. It is a good source of cortisol that stimulates excessive sebum which clogs the pores, causes acne, blackheads. It is advised to drink coffee in limit and the best would be to switch to green tea that will keep your body clean and acne free.

The other foods that can cause acne are high sugar and salt content, oysters, bacon, frozen foods. Keep a check of what you eat and have a clear skin. Do you know any more foods that can trigger acne? Share with us in comments below.

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