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"It Was Insensitive" Says Anushka Sharma On Salman's Rape Comment!


Anushka Sharma who is enjoying the success of Sultan right now, recently interacted with Anupama Chopra and in which she also responded Salman Khan‘s rape comment. She believes that the comment was 'insensitive' and said that we all have a responsibility towards the things we say, especially celebrities. She said,"Firstly, I want to find out what made him say it because I wasn’t there. So first is to find out if it’s really true that he said that. A lot has been spoken about it; obviously we all understand that it was rather insensitive. But now, when I look at it today, when everything is happening, there are so many debates that went on air, and whatever else that took place – yes, it was insensitive, and something that I was surprised by, that it was said the way it was. What it made me realise is that all of us, each and everyone of us – not just celebrities – have a responsibility towards what they speak anywhere. Not just publicly, but anywhere – whatever you say, you have to be aware of. Celebrities moreso." 

She also added that she realised many people may throw the word ‘rape’ around casually – like “I had such a tough day, I feel raped”. " I hope that this is what people get out of this incident. We know what’s wrong about it but if we look at the positive side of it, I hope people understand they have to be extremely sensitive about what we say because we are going through bad times in the country where women are not receiving the kind of respect they should."

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