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"I Was Pulkit's Hidden Wife For 5 Years" Says Shweta Rohira!


Pulkit and Shweta's marriage ends on a sad note. Shweta is in news for the past few days over Pulkit Samrat's controversial statements. In a recent interview with Pinkvilla she explains how she found herself in a dicey situation.
She said that she is already divorced energetically. "We may not have had a legal divorce but after Pulkit stooped down to whatever level, energetically I am divorced. I am no more Pulkit's wife or estranged wife. I want to request everyone to please stop calling me an estranged wife of Pulkit Samrat and give me a closure, I will be more than happy when that happens." She also added,"Pulkit says he does not have time for the divorce. If you have time to give quotes and make a statement, you should have time to send papers.  Don't use me as part of your promotions. No celebrity does that. Everybody is so dignified, so don't stoop down to this level."

She also opened up on Yami Gautam. She said,"She is a home-breaker there is no doubt about that. He married me twice, that is too long a time. I am not saying people don't fall out of love. But you should do it in a dignified way without putting the blame on me. If I really had to put out things, I was your hidden wife for 5 years, then I would have put a lot out. You are doing everything, you are talking about it and then you are saying I want to put the other woman down. How is that?"

She also talked about her miscarriage,"That is so stupid. Which woman does that? It is such a sensitive topic for me. Even when it came out, I was quiet because I don't want to talk about it and don't want to be associated with Pulkit anymore. But whatever it is, I am thankful to Yami for showing me the true colors of Pulkit."

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