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Say Goodbye To Aging With This Five Minutes Facial Massage


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How a 5 minute facial massage can bid adieu to anti-aging? When you massage your face, it stimulates good blood circulation, boosts the skin to promote collagen, which it vital to fade wrinkles, fine lines. Blood circulation will let your skin breathe which is very important for a natural glow. So along with anti-aging and dewy face, a good facial massage will unwind the stress in your body and keep you relaxed. Read further to know about the quick five minutes facial massage.

1. You can do this early morning or before hitting the bed. Take your favorite facial oil, serum or cream and rub it all over your palms.

2. Start from your temple area, massage the center point of your eyes and gently move towards your ears, keep repeating this 3 times.

3. Massage in an upward direction from your temple area to the crown area, this will reduce the forehead fine lines, and even invigorate your senses.

4. Now move towards your neckline and again massage in the upward direction from your collar bones till ears, keep repeating this 3 times.

5. After that gently massage your chin and upward strokes, massage till your cheek bones. Repeating this thrice will invoke a facelift.

6. Now let's focus on the under eyes, be extremely gentle with the most delicate skin of your body. With the help of your ring finger start stroking from the inner corner of your eyes till the outer end and after this in circular motion massage the entire eye, this will improve the blood circulation and reduce the dark circles, puffiness of your eyes.

7. Don't forget your nose, massage the softer part of your nose in a circular motion which will open the pores and let your skin breathe.
8. This is the final step, use your knuckles and press around the jaw line till your ears, this will prevent sagginess and give a facelift.

Never massage your dry face instead cleanse your face and then use any face oil, cream and perform the mentioned 8 facial massage steps. Make sure you do this every day for effective changes, your face will thank you for the relaxing massage.

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