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5 DIY Masks To Take Care Of Your Face!!


Taking care of our skin in summer is a bit of a problem because of the heat and the sun takes toll on us. Not every time can we run to a parlor hence, we have created this post that has natural ingredients that are easily available at our homes. This will help you get a clearer skin in no time...

Rose Mask
Use rose mask to regain the lost shine and glow of your skin. The most easy way is to just soak rose petals in water and mask it on your skin. Not only will you feel refreshed but your skin will have the sweet rose fragrance as well.

Cucumber Mask
To cool your skin and clean its pores Cucumber is the best for re-hydration of our face. Just Cut cucumber and place it all over your face or better just grind them with few mint leaves make a paste and the apply. We guarantee you will see a visible difference.

Tomato Mask
This one is our granny’s old advise use the tomato pulp to get rid of the summer tanning. Just make a quick paste of a couple of tomato’s and have a better complexion within minutes.

Coffee Mask:
This one not only gives you a smoother skin but also protects your skin from UV rays and slows down aging. Take coffee and add a bit of water to get consistency and put it on.

Honey Mask:
The honey gets rid on any sort of skin dryness and evens our skin tone. Moisturizes your skin. The honey weaves it magic almost instantly.

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