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3 Easy Tricks to Get The Perfect Beach Waves!


Now that the summers have arrived, it's time to pull out your denim shorts, beach hats and flip flops. Amidst all this, it's time to embrace hairdos that represent summer- the beach waves. We are talking about the kinds that look like soft curls with a salty texture and are extremely flowy all the time. The best part about these beach waves is that they look flattering on all face shape and type. Here are my quick 3 tips that will help you achieve the perfect beach waves this summer...

1. The most obvious way to get envious beach waves is to invest in a great salt spray. The salt spray gives the hair the much required texture and it holds your hair even if you don't really use any hair tool. I really like this salt spray by Loreal and you can check out full review of the same here

2. If you’re handy with a flat iron, then simply spray a heat protectant and divide your ahir in 2 sections. Put a small section of your hair in the iron and twirl your hand in an upward direction. Hold the hair for 15-20 seconds and you'll achieve fast beach waves.

3. You can never go wrong with the “braid trick”. All you need to do is shower a night before and loosely twist your wet hair into braids. Sleep over it and next morning, undo the braids and with some hairspray you can unleash the beach eaves. Avoid hair wax to fix frizzy hair as the idea is to have messy, loose hair. 

Hope these tricks come handy, I mainly refer to point #2 for this look! Let me know which one do you use?

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