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How To Choose The Right Hair Brush For Your Hair


We shop for all the beauty products as per our skin care needs, but when it come to buying hairbrushes which possibly everyone has maybe more than one - we never  stop and think what kind of brush would best suit our hair type. We just tend to grab the first one we get our hands son! As it turns out, using the right hairbrush can make a big difference in the health of your hair and how effectively you can style it. Choosing a hairbrush is same as buying a shampoo for your hair we can't buy frizzy hair shampoo for oily hair and vice -a versa. Hairbrushes also come in various sizes and shapes that are designed to do specific things. But with so many different options on the market, it can get a little confusing. Brushes don’t come with the same descriptive labels as shampoo bottles, so how can you be expected to know which one is best suited for your hair? Never fear, just consult our complete guide to find the right brush for your hair type.

Paddle Brush 
Paddle brushes are best used for straight hair. Paddle brushes have bristles coming out of a soft cushion and are great for massaging the scalp, detangling, and smoothing naturally straight hair. The air-filled rubber cushion is designed to bend with your scalp to minimize damage from pulling. They are best to use before flat ironing your hair. 

Round Brush 
Round brushes can be best used for any blow drying and styling your hair. They are great both for creating styles with body and bend, or when working to smooth natural texture. Round brushes help in smoothing out hair or building a style that lasts.


Wide Tooth Comb
Wide tooth combs are what you want to use for detangling our hair especially the wet hair. The wide tooth comb helps in detangling without causing hair breakage.

Fine Tooth Comb
A Fine Tooth Comb is used to Smooth Hair and if you’re looking to style your bangs or to separate and smooth hair while flat ironing, choose a smaller tooth comb because they can grab the root better thereby helping in better ironing effect.

Metal Brush
Metal brushes are used to create Curls. These brushes are not good to use when going from wet to dry because they can pull and damage hair, but they’re a perfect tool to use as a finisher since they can smooth down a final look. So never use a metal brush on wet hair, in fact once your hair is set and need one file combing use this kind of brush.


Vented Brush
Vented brushes are used to create volumes in hair. These brushes have gaps or slits through the back and are designed to help decrease blow-drying time by allowing air to flow through the brush. Vented designs are available in paddle or round shapes and are very effective at creating and enhancing hair texture. 


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