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Steal These 3 Gorgeous Disney Princess Hairstyle For Your Wedding!


Fairy tales can come true, all you have to do is believe!

We all grew up reading the stories of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and many more Disney Princess. These stories made us believe in our own personalised “happily ever after”. We always wanted to be one from their looks to their hair, we admired it all. Do you still love these princesses, are you still waiting for your happily ever after? If yes, then we are here to help you (umhh, wait don’t get your hopes high) get the princess look for your wedding by adorning these 3 Disney Princesses hairstyle.

Snow White hairstyle for short hair

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If you have short hair and you are worried about what hairstyle will suit you, then snow white short curls are one for you. This hairstyle is perfect for cocktail party or how about magical engagement. Snow White was a princess whose skin was white as snow and her heart more pure, she befriended seven dwarfs and found her love in the woods.  

DIY tip- (You will need rollers and bobby pins for it) Brush your hair thoroughly, take your hair from above your head and secure it. Take one section of it and slightly tease it and roll it inward using three fingers. Place the roll and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat the same process from remaining two sections. And taddaa you are good to go.

Elsa Hairstyle for long locks

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Let it go… Let it go… Well, let all your worries for hair go away by adorning the frozen beauty Elsa’s hairstyle for your Mehendi function. Also this is one style that we have seen many brides opting for. 

DIY Tip- Avoid doing side parting with this hairstyle. Take your front section and then come to the middle braid. Take one portion from either the right or left side and add it to the braid. Keep braiding till you reach the nape. Now braid the remaining hair into a normal loose braid. Carefully pull out little hair from your side and curl it to get the lustrous Elsa look.

Jasmine hairstyle for bold looks

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Remember the hot thief Aladdin and his beautiful dusky princess Jasmine. Well, no one can forget her and her lustrous puffy ponytail she adorned. Try this look for your theme wedding and stun your Prince charming. 

DIY Tip- Part your hair from middle, take a colourful tiara or hairband and put it like a crown leaving two inch section in the front. Start twisting you hair from front and wrap them backward.  Make a regular ponytail at the back. Secure it with a band and cover it with colourful ribbons.

Tell us your favourite Princess hairstyle you want to adorn for your magical day in the comments below.

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